How can I pray about…?

Hear people describe first-hand their experience of healing through prayer. These interviews discuss current topics facing the world and how prayer contributed to finding a solution.
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RSS Sentinel Watch
  • Changing your world: Dealing with sudden fear
    This week’s guest, Amelia Newcomb, shares how she dealt with her son being detained and then imprisoned in another country. As she worked to get him released through every channel available, the one thing that kept her grounded were her prayers.
  • We’re grateful for YOU!
    In this week’s episode, a few of our colleagues on the Sentinel Watch team share how they’re uniquely grateful for this podcast and its listeners, and how it’s brought inspiration and spiritual healing to their lives.
  • God is always center stage
    This week’s guest, Peter Daniel, an artist and educator, shares how prayer and the study of Christian Science opened wide his career in the arts and helped his students discover their own artist within.
  • A spiritual practice that heals
    What does it mean to practice Christian Science? What does “practicing” entail? This week’s guest, Honor Hill, shares insights and experiences that have forwarded her spiritual growth and brought healing.

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RSS Christian Science | Daily Lift
  • Moment by moment with God 1 December 2023
    Fenna Corry, from Greensboro, North Carolina, USAYou can read about Fenna’s experience in The Christian Science Journal.
    Daily Lift
  • Remaining calm 30 November 2023
    David Horn, from Bloomington, Indiana, USA
    Daily Lift
  • Looking past the "power lines" 29 November 2023
    Trevor Yates, Christian Science nurse, from New York, New York, USA
    Daily Lift
  • When my son was held captive... 28 November 2023
    Amelia Newcomb, from Boston, Massachusetts, USAHear more of Amelia's experience on this week's episode of Sentinel Watch.
    Daily Lift
  • Looking forward to good 27 November 2023
    Doris Ulich, CSB
    Daily Lift
RSS The Christian Science Monitor | A Christian Science Perspective
  • Love that can transform a life 1 December 2023
    An openness to feeling and sharing God’s limitless love, ever shining, opens new horizons for meaningful interactions.
    Lauren Hippert
  • Defined by God, not material history 30 November 2023
    Sometimes the past can feel impossible to escape. But seeing ourselves and others from a spiritual perspective offers a foundation for reformation, healing, and a fresh start.
    Lynne Buckley-Quirk
  • Water walking 29 November 2023
    When troubles arise, we can rely on Christ for inspiration that not only keeps us afloat, but heals.
    Mark Swinney